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down into the 60s. norrisville 6 as well as germantown. 71 in hanover and galena at 72. current winds around 10 miles per hour. so at least the winds are dying off a bit but we've seen gusts around 20 in just the last hour. skies have been a little cloudy courtesy of area of low pressure well off to our north and east but no rain from that. so we stay dry the rest of the evening. 60s partly cloudy, breezy, cool evening as you head out friday night. as we go into the weekend a day of sunshine, and then a day of much needed rain. we talk about it coming up. christian. >>> thanks wyatt. president obama is speaking to the nation about the struggling economy. hear what he has to say about jobs and that recovery which still really hasn't happened yesterday. and a lesson in healthier eating we'll take you to one maryland school where locally grown produce is making the grade. ♪ [ male announcer ] new inventory. ♪ new equipment. new trucks. new hires. ♪ new space. ♪ new markets. achievement seizes new opportunity. go to pnc.com/businessloans to see how we can help your cash flow situa
and remains on the lappin at 66. 270 is good in germantown. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 4:32 on this wednesday morning. an apparent according case in the northwest neighborhood. a woman's belongings sprawled down the block after she is a victim from her apartment. it has led to serious issues. details from the roman and insight on how this will be resolved. >> eliose diaz came from nothing, growing up in venezuela. she began saving everything she could when she moved to the u.s. >> corridor for years to collect things to send to my country. >> she recently lost her job as a husky per, delahunt, and got evicted today. >> no job, no money. >> neighbors were concerned and they saw how much stuff was thede the the bodman cial --- womans' house. >> we've been calling politicians. >> it was to no avail. >> we went through a similar situation with a blizzard and gunnoe helicopter -- and got no help then. >> congressman jim gramm arrived. >> if she can identify and what is important to her, we will store it. >> we are trying to build up the community. something like this is unbeli
. clear, dry payment on the 270 corridor. germantown, all the way down to the capital beltay. good start there. no worries. out to the west, though, different story on interstate 66. those of you coming in at the toll road, 50. lots of road spray. at this point it's a little volume from haymarket to manass. no accidents toreport. again, just like yterday, be very, very careful out there. >> thanks very much, jerry. this morning we're following a story it of virginia. dozens of cattle are dead after a massive fire. flames engulfed the livestock exchange on john marshall highway in marshall. fire crews were able to get many of the animals out of the burning structure. however, at least 50 died. firefighters on the scene describe the damage as significant. right nothe cause of the fire is still under investigation. we do have a crew on the way to the scene. we will bring you more information as it comes in. >>> city leaders will have t deal with a $175 million budget deficit. spending pressure is accounted for a shortfall of about $66 million to $75 million. public schools spent $35 million
germantown. he was last seen at rock terrace school. the location martins lane and rockville. she five foot phi and 130- pounds. yesterday he was wearing a white and black striped shirt, and white sneakers, and blew jean shorts. call police if you have seen this man. >>> discovery headquarters remained closed today. yesterday police searched the home of james j. lee that he rented in wheaton. now police are looking for his car. they hope it will provide them with more evidence as to what set him off to take three employees hostage. security experts say the company appeared prepared for the emergency. >>> have you thought of how your a place of business could handle something lake this happening and what you would do. experts show what us we should do to stay alive in a crisis. >>> big changes on metro starting tonight. we will talk about >>> kenny is in for pat pat tonight. >>> heavy and slow around montgomery village and continuing through germantown. break away at the truck scales. virginia if you are heading west or south on 676 or 95 and 395 for that matter no problems or delays to repo
assaulted. this happed on route 355 in germantown after the wman spent a night out with friends. >> reporter: the 21-year-old victim told police she was walking alone early sunday morning on this very dark stretch of route 355 south of high point drive. >> we know she had been socializing with frien in germantown, and it was her plan to walk to 7-eleven to meet another friend. >> reporter: streetlights are few and far between. >> she was attacked from an unknown man who grabbed her, took her into the woods d sexually assaulted her. she did sustain minor injuries during that resistance. >> reporter: police say after e attack the woman was able to get to the 7-eleven a short distance away on professional drive and call for help. the neighboood enjoys a very low crime rate. women we were spoke to were suprised by news of the assault. >> i work in this area. >> i think around the bus stops you have to be careful a little bit. but anywhere you go you should be careful. >> reporter: because it was dark the woman was not able to get a good look at her attacker. jackie benson, 4:nbc news. >>> here c
in germantown. she was walking on frederick road near high point drive when she was grabbed from behind and forced into a wooded area. >> and abuse scandal is fighting allegations. we are live with the details. >> it has certainly unleased a hypocrisy. >> bishop eddie long as a vow to fight the charges against him. >> i feel like david against goliath. >> he is accused of ordering children into sex when they were 17 and 18. he has ties to washington dc. years ago, he was a springfield baptist church pastor and got to be a minister under the late pastor. >> he is a good preacher. that is all i can say. i cannot judge in the body. >> after a weekly fellowship, and his name started to come up until they saw our camera. >> we want to be able to give the law due process in order to find out what is going on. >> he has legions of supporters but others are skeptical. >> it is horrible, because i am scared of what happened. >> it is not only hurting the church, it is hurting the community as well. >> bishop long has been an opponent of gay marriage in the gay lifestyle. he counsels people to tr
. >>> montgomery county police canvassed a germantown neighborhood hoping for a tip that leads to the arrest of a man who attacked two senior women. one happened last week at a senior center. the other one two months ago in the woman's town home pedestrian -- bedroom in the middle of the night. if you have information, police would like you to give them a call. >>> fox 5 morning news at 4:30 begins now. >>> good morning to you. it is wednesday morning, the first day of september, 2010 as we get a live look over northwest washington from our tower cam. thank you so much for joining us. i'm gurvir dhindsa. tucker is in now too to bring us an update on earl as well as a look at our weather. >> good morning. let's get right to it. we'll take a look at earl and p a look at our local weather and how it might impact us. what we all need to keep an eye on is the eventual track of earl as this gets closer here because nothing is set in stone. all right. let's go to vipir and let you know maximum winds are still 135 miles per hour. you can see the eye becoming distinct again. this is a very powerful
ride head south. delays forming in germantown. in virginia, 66 close in from fair oaks to 1, heavy and steady. got a crash out before you reach middleburg. that is 24 # heading into middleburg and out towards 15. that is where we've got the accident activity tying up the left side of the road. callers tell us it is an additional 0-manhunt wait trying to threat through the three-mile backup headed to the accident scene. eastbound 66 before you reach 66, left side of the road is blocked. northbound i-95, the wreck we had should now be on the shoulder. >>> a developing story from the white house as chief of staff rahm emmanuel is expected to step down and sources say it could happen this week. emmanuel is reportedly considering running for mayor of chicago. a source close to emmanuel says for final decision has been made. he is apparently looking into how the move and the campaign would affect his family. if he leaves, senior advisor pete oumed rip in-- interim ch of staff. >>> investigators here being for the causes after fire that killed several cattle at a livestock facility in ma
. out of maryland it is volume you'll encounter from 109 to the truck scales and germantown the pace opens up. we have it by 118 then towards the beltway, no major issues, but this is about the pace you're looking at. taking the trip into virginia, the issue will be just after the aqua quan on the approach to route 1. you lose the two left lanes. we had jammed conditions before the incident so this is adding to the delays. the hov are flying past this accident and no marc train delays to report at this point. craig and eun, back to you. >>> it's now 6:13. 75 degrees. president obama's new plan to turn around the economy. find out who will be seeing a tax cut and who won't. >>> the d krmt mayor's race is heating up, the difference you may see at the poll >>> breaking news, reports of a possible sex assault in fairfax county. let's go to kimberly suiters with the details. >> this information is just coming into the newsroom from the fairfax county police department. this possible sexual assault happened early this morning when a jogger found a woman who claimed she been assaulted. this
in germantown after the woman spent a night out with friends. ayoung woman said she was out with friends and decided to walk to 7-eleven on professional drive. on the way there she said she was attacked by a man who pulled her into the woods and sexually assaulted her. she ran into the 7-eleven to get help. police are still looking for suspects. >>> del in the trial of a man accused of killing chandra levy. among thoseissues, the prosecution's objection to a defense witness who will be called on to discuss why inmates agree to testify for prosecutors. at trial was supposed to start next week. >>> and the man accused of killing a local major league baseball player in a drunk driving accident have been xw t convicted of murder. gallo ran a red light in april of 2009 and t-boned a car carrying los angeles pitcher nick adenhart a three others. adenhart grew up in maryland. gallo's blood alcohol limit was three times the legal limit. he faces life in prison. >>> city leaders will have to deal with a $175 million budget deficit. spending pressure is accounted for a shortfall of about $66 mill
delays off of 295 and howard road. southbound # 70 out of germantown, lap are open as you continue southbound headed out towards mva. no trouble spots on the beltway between college park and bethesda. -- southbound # 70 out of germantown, lanes are open as you continue southbound headed out towards mva -- southbound 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> making headline this morning, as we continue to check the day's headlines, a search for i rapist in maryland as police in montgomery count you are looking for a suspect who aparently attacked a woman in german up two. a # 1-year-old flagged them down on 3:00 on sunday. she said a man dragged her into the woods and sexually salted her. she said she did not get a good look at him. >> so before a limited suspect description at this time. unconfirmed race of this male attacker, believed to be in his 20s or 30s. she describes him as short and with a medium build. >> police to not think the victim knew her attacker. >>> a d.c. judge has delayed the trial of the man accused of killing
the outer loop leaving college park headed over towards 270-6789 southbound 270 out of germantown, no incidents reported leaving father hurley boulevard out towards 118. so far, so good. but it is the first day back for the kids going to school in some areas and keep an eye out for those yellow buses. no incidents have been reported on southbound 95 or 295 coming in out of laurel. 95 in virginia, a different story. already starting to see the traffic slow leaving the prince william parkway headed out towards lorton. >>> five stations on the red line that had been closed over the long labor day weekend back open this morning. crews were working on safety improvements recommended by the ntsb after the deadly red line crash last year. all stations reopened at 5:00 this morning. >>> as we mentioned, students across virginia go back to class today. a lot of schools will see changes this year from teachers and principals to healthy menu changes and building improvements woman talk about those chics with dr. pat murphy coming up a little later this hour. >>> the democratic primary will l
. germantown, 73. 73 currently at children's hospital. there was a high of 83. the official high at reagan was above average. 85 degrees for a high temperature. 96 was set back in 1895, a longstanding record. 64 at state college. northern wisconsin, minnesota, quiet conditions across the mid- atlantic. this is igor. maximum sustained winds at 75 miles per hour. this is passing to the west of bermuda. this is not going to affect the mainland of the united states. this is off of the coast of the delmarva peninsula. fortunately, this is not going to impact it. a nice shot of colder, drier air, lots of sunshine to enjoy. temperatures about 5:00 a.m. eight degrees cooler than what we had today, upper 70's to near 80. -- temperatures about 5 to 80 degrees cooler. -- 8 degrees cooler. in the morning, clouds will remain. by afternoon, near 80 with lots of sunshine, low humidity levels. the winds will start to pick up just a little bit, out of the north at 8 to 12 miles per hour. summer will officially arrived -- come to an end. it will feel a lot like august, near 90 degrees on thursday and friday
. all clear. 270 at father hurley boulevard is a good example. sali on 270 through germantown to give to dave norrisvdavidsbes good. route 50 across the bay bridge looks fine. looks good on the beltway near andrews air force base. back to you. >> thank you. >>> it is primary day. d.c. voters cast their ballots today in the race for mayor. >> the race has been marked by scandal. the polls open in two and a half hours. pamela brown is live in southeast. >> good morning. both top candidates for d.c. mayor will be crisscrossing the city. locals open at 7:00 this morning. vincent gray will get on the center on alabama avenue. he's expected to make a stop and go to several other polling centers before the close at 8:30 tonight. adrian fenty will be on 13th street in northwest. he will make several stops as well. both candidates have been giving one last bid to get out the vote. vincent gray has been leading. some of his supporters say that he is an electable guy. adrian fenty has been pushing his track record of accomplishment to voters over the past four years. the pope's that -- he is h
in maryland. southbound 270 headlights trickling their way through germantown. and springfield, virginia, see the flashing lights? that is a crash on the left side. >> thank you. it is 4:54 now and 75 degrees. >> don't go away. >> emotions are running high as d.c.'s september 14 mayoral primary nears. >> we caught one the district's first lady and have her story. >> for the second time she became emotional talking about her husband, the mayor. after addressing a full house of supporters, she explained her concerns. >> that he only cares about a particular neighborhood or particular issues is so far from the truth. >> a poll shows him 17 points behind vincent gray among likely voters. >> to hear the thing that people are saying about my husband that i know is not true is very painful. >> she tried to dispel the idea that her husband is arrogant. >> he absolutely isn't. fenty even takes some of the blame herself saying if people had seen her more they would have viewed her husband differently. >> i have had to make sacrifices and haven't been able to be out in the community as much as i had ho
. and this 31-year-old from germantown, accused for getting women to work as prostitutes around montgomery county. the c.e.o. promised to be more vigilant. >> we are shocked of any violent crime or any crime being willing to to our site. >> recently, several state attorney general's filed suit. it is unclear whether the section is closed for good, or if the word "censored" is meant for critics. to be continued. >>> sarah palin's temporary neighbor has moved on. the famed author moved in next door, spending the summer researching note a book about palin. she was so annoyed she put up a fence to block his view. >>> and flight attendant steven korea with jetblue is over. he quit. -- flight attendants steven slater career with jetblue is over. >>> there has been a mistake in the president's drug. the quote apparently does not originate with dr. king. it was first set by activist theodore parker. -- it was first said. >> in september, the skies clear out, and the humidity drops. western maryland, 47 degrees. dropping another 10 degrees or so. no advisories for any parts of the area. in north ar
it is there and a delay building past germantown. one more camera to show you. westbound 66 in virginia seeing delays from the beltway continuing to route 50 in fairfax county. back to you. topper is here with the forecast. pretty dry. are we getting any rain. >> a little bit. >> okay. >> not enough to make a difference unfortunately. our water table is fine. remember there is a lot of water upstream if they wanted to. don't worry about the drinking water but you need to worry about the cigarette butts and watering the lawn. don't do that. the terps are in town. nascar in richmond, no problem. open house at the kennedy center tomorrow. a lot going on. dry all day. upper 70s to near 80. in to sunday, most of the showers occur on sunday morning and temperatures 75. it will stay dry for the redskins game. we will talk about that in main. sunshine on monday. temperatures go back up to 80 degrees. let's talk about the redskins forecast. mostly cloudy and cool. the chance of a light shower in. grab a sweater. 66 to 74. winds will become northwesterly at ten. all right. let's break down saturday for you. another
and germantown. paul moorpark, -- palmer park, 54. us.he 50's for most of 54 at the airport in frederick. 57 in bowie. low 80's today. chance of showers late tomorrow and tomorrow night. >>> not much to talk about on the roads. rohde work on the beltway in virginia is gone. -- roadwork. 66 it is quiet in rosslyn and vienna. looks good across the roosevelt bridge. looks good near the pentagon on 395. we will take you to maryland. in and out of baltimore is uneventful. clear to the airport. beltway traffic moving nicely at colesville rohde. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 61 degrees on this wednesday. >> coming up, double trouble in the topics -- topics. two powerful storms churning up the atlantic. >> the tea party stirs the political pot >>> welcome back. 4:45 on this wednesday. d.c. voters have decided to oust incumbent mayor adrian fenty. if with 90% of precincts reporting, if council chair vincent gray defeated the and 53-46%. graeme's victory in the democratic primary almost guarantees that he will be the next mayor of d.c. there will be a rematch between former gov. o'malley and governo
traffic live in the geico camera southbound closest to us now. good rundown to germantown, guys. >> thank you. it is cool out there. 62 degrees. your time is 4:54. >> stay with us. we'll be right back. >> cirque du soleil's new show opens today at national harbor. it is called obo. it is portuguese for egg. it is a tale of a colorful ecosystem where insects love, eat, fight and look for love. the show runs through october 24. >> colorful. beautiful. >> a lot of fun. >> well, there is a bold plan involving alcohol that may be the backbone to saving virginia's roads. >> bob mcdonald wants to sell the commonwealth abc store but that is just one part of the story. john gonzalez breaks down the plan and tells us whether drivers think this will work. >> the governor's plan to create nearly $500 million for local highway proms is music to the ears for travelers. >> it is ridiculous. >> it is where the gor wants to put the money -- governor wants to put the money. he wased to privatize all liquor stores. opposition is brewing from the state's restaurants, the wine and beer industry and conservati
a few stops. 83 degrees right now in germantown. dew point down to 30 degrees. let's try another one. 88 degrees in alexandria. waldorf is much more humid. the humidity is 18%. let's move on with the graphics. 96 is the official high at reagan national. four degrees shy of the record. it is the 26 time this year it has been 95 degrees or hotter. 90 degrees in leesburg, at 89 degrees in fairfax. there will be a dramatic change tonight. temperatures will drop very quickly. already in the 70's across parts of pennsylvania. 66 degrees in pennsylvania. it will be a remarkable change. still some hot stuff along the coast. we are watching the rain continuing to spread through eastern texas, spreading into southeast oklahoma. we are in this clear spot. cooler temperatures during the day over the next couple of days. we will see temperatures in the upper 70's tomorrow. another sunny day on saturday and on sunday there is a cold front. it will not have a lot of moisture, so only a 40% chance of showers. here is the express for thursday. sunshine and 62 in the city. 74 at midday. 78 will be the hig
in waldorf. it is 64 in germantown and bowie, noticeably warmer than yesterday at this time. we have clear skies. the clients are off to the north and the southeast. we will develop scattered clouds later today. mostly sunny with a few passing clouds of, near 90 for the high temperature. not humid. hot, humi mostly sunny tomorrow. but a cold front is moving through. temperatures will drop to near 80 on thursday through saturday with sunshine. chance of rain on sunday. now to lisa baden on this tuesday. >>> we have been watching traffic closely on 95, 66, the building. -- around the beltway. this is live, beltway traffic at colesville road. back to you. >> thank you. >>> looks good. 68 degrees. we will be right back. >>> a touchdown! cinderella lives. >> a heartbreaking loss for virginia tech last night at fedex field. boisee touchdown owon for state. a close game. >> those two teams really took over fedex field. >> decor was there at the sold- out game-- jay korff was there. peoplef thousands of from across the country. >> we came from houston, texas. >> a big game played at an extraordina
on 66, 270. southbound out of germantown and gaithersburg and eventually rockville, looks like this. metrorail is on normal service. back to you. >> thank you. >>> big news. we begin with a major upset in the race for the district's next mayor. it appears vincent gray will unseat adrian fenty after just one term. 90% increase ex reporting. vincent gray is claiming 53% of the vote. fenty called the nominee to concede the race. >> courtney robinson is following what is next for the fenty campaign. but we begin with pamela brown, following the man who will take the reins of the nation's capital. >> vincent gray will become washington's next mayor. speaking early this morning grace said that his goal is to bring the residents of washington d.c. together to create "one city." his focus will be on community investment and collaboration. reforms will continue with him, but that there will be some changes. schools chancellor michelle rhee's days are numbered. he wants someone who will work with teachers and parents. his goal is to bring character and integrity back to the mayor's office, he
. lindsey mastis went to germantown to find out how bad it is there. >> it's like a horror movie [ screaming ] >> reporter: the community farm in germantown is infested. >> tomatoes, egg plans, peppers, okra. >> reporter: the founder says the stink bugs cause discoloration, caking to texture, making crops inedible. >> it is very difficult. >> reporter: he says crops are off by 15% this year, a loss for the farm an the people that work there. >> we grow and sell vegetables as a frame work for training adults with developmental disabilities. >> reporter: the bugs are all over the farm and attacks crops in the field. they are using a floating row cover and underneath are collard greens. this is the only thing keeping them safe from stink bugs. >> we are assert tied organic farm and that means we don't spray chemical based pesticides orherbicides. >> reporter: he says nothing else has worked there are no known natural predators if the stink bug. >> reporter: he says other farms are seeing the same thing and he is worried it will get worse. >> we are making it through this year but next year coul
is open. let's look at 270 traffic's to get a feel the pace and the rain. delays into germantown. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 70 degrees, 6:21. we have a health warning. pomegranates may not be the miracle cure that it is hyped-up to be. and today on "oprah," jenin mccarthy breaks the silence on the breakup with jim carrey. this kenmore elite multi-motion washer... how does that work? hit it! see, other machines only go in circles. this kenmore elite has multi-motions for a custom clean. it scrubs to help lift stains, rolls to wash gently, swings, steps, and tumbles. better than just circles, what! sorry. get a free stainless steel upgrade on top brands, and 15% off all appliances. plus save up to an additional $250 instantly with our appliance trade-in program. sears. >>> that is actress gloria stewart, known from the movie "titanic." died sunday night at terrazas los angeles. she was 100 years old. if she was in movies in the 1930's. she was nominated for an oscar in that role. >>> we have no complaints against the makers of pom wonderful pomegranate juice. federal regulators say
been raped. now police are warning women in the germantown neighborhood to be extra careful. the 21-year-old victim told police she was walking alone early suspendnday morning o thi very dark stretch of route 55 just south of high point drive. >> we know she had been socializing with friends in germantown and it was her plan to walk to this 7-eleven to meet another friend. >> reporter: there is a sidewalk but streetlights are few and far between. >> she was attacked behind by an unknown male, grabbed her, took hernto the woods and sexually assaulted her. she did attempt to fight off her attacker. she did sustain minor injuries during that resistance. >> reporter: police say that after the attack, the woman, who does not live in germantow was able to get to the 7-eleven, a short distance away on professional drive, and call for help. the neighborhood enjoys a very low crime rate. women we spoke to were surprised by news of the assault. >> i work in this area, i live in this area, and it seems pretty safe to me. i think around some of the bus stops you have to be careful a little bit,
on the way too. >> okay. thank you. >>> time for a look now at our top stories. a shooting in germantown, maryland is under investigation this morning. it happened just after 15:00 last night at a home on moon ridge drive. a man was shot touring what looks like an attempted robbery. no word on the victim's condition at this hour. montgomery county police believe as many as four people may have been involved. >>> things are really heating up in the race for the ward 5 d.c. council seat. one candidate is accusing another of stealing his campaign signs from a supporter's private property. but was it campaign trickery or just a misunderstanding? fox 5's bob barnard is on the story. >> reporter: one of the newer small businesses in the district's ward 5, capital city, diner on bladensburg road northeast, is now at the center of a brewing political scandal, captured for all to see by the restaurant's surveillance camera. these are images of kathy henderson, running as an independent for city council, removing her opponent's campaign signs from in front of the diner. >> politics has no place fo
on the brakes out of germantown into rockville. the local lanes improving southbound toward falls road. the main line jammed up badly, germantown to the split. outer loop slow from route 1 college park. crash on the outer loop at 202 now cleared. bw parkway and 95 slow out of laurel down to the beltway. coming in through northeast washington, live shot of new york avenue at bladensberg road. slow toward the exit for the third street tunnel. all lanes are open in virginia. northbound 95 jammed up from springfield continuing northbound up to duke street before the pace improves. delays at the inner loop at 266. slow at 267 for the crash, two left lanes tied up. southbound 28, stay to the right to get by. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> happening right now, a search for cows that may have died in a livestock fire in northern virginia. it happened at about 8:00 last night at the fauquier county stock exchange in marshall. 250 cattle were inside when the three-alarm fire started. they have only found five dead animals in the barn and they expect to find more when daylight comes. fi
annandale to merrifield. south on 270 out of germantown, bumper-to-bumper inching along working south of 118 toward mva. then more slow traffic at 370 and from falls road toward the split. what can i say? welcome back from vacation and welcome back to school. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> for the late of the weather and traffic updates any time of the day, plus more information about our apps for the iphone, droid or blackberry, go to myfoxdc.com and you'll find it all there. >>> making headlines, jury selection begins today in a high profile case in fairfax county. prosecutors will try once again to get the death penalty for alfredo preto for the murder and rape of a woman in reston and the murder of her boyfriend. this is the prosecution's third attempt. a resentencing was ordered when the supreme court jury was given an improper form. he was extradited from california where he was already on death row for the rape and murder of a 15-year-old girl. that case got tied up in appeals. >>> a devastating fire claims the lives of 27 thoroughbred horses near charles town race
. we are looking for the accident in the area. as you can see it is a long past germantown. plan for extra time if you are heading up north. westbound 66 delays are improving but a slow trip as you head to that stretch if you are heading to points west. show you the maryland graphics, no problems on the beltway as you go to montgomery or prince georges county and it is all clear on i-95 and the baltimore washington parkway between the two beltways. more traffic on-line at wusa9.com. derek, back to you. >>> well, topper is here with the nine forecast first the return of the sweater weather. >> really is. a fight in the air once the -- bite in the air once the sun goes down. if you are heading to high school football i would grab a sweater or jacket. skies are almost clear. grab a sweater. in the 50s and winds out of the north at ten. mid-70s downtown, low 70s in the suburbs but don't let that deceive you because when the sun goes down, the temperatures will fall like a stone once again. we will come back and talk about the weather for the terse and redskins game next. >>> mayor fe
in germantown. officers are planning to go door-to-door today, handing out flyers and asking for the public's help. police believe that someone in this area knows the rapist. and they are hoping to go to the streets and find the man who robbed residents of their peace of mind. >> every night now, i check my doors and everything two or three times. i keep my blinds closed all day. i keep my blinds on my balcony closed. i'm not used to living that day. i don't like it. >> the suspect may live in the area or could be visiting. if you have information, call the montgomery county major crimes department. >>> still to come on 9 news now at noon, virginians still can't get a driver's license or an identification card today. we'll have some information on when that might change when we come back. >>> and another problem for metro prevents riders from buying the new discounted smart trip card. we'll have details when 9 news now continues. ss >>> we are officially less than two weeks away from primary day in the district of columbia and just a few minutes ago, democratic candidates for mayor in d.c.
this germantown man killed in a fire might have set it himself. he pumped 12 gallons of gas around his car and then ignited it. but they have no idea why. it killed guardon and destroyed his car in frederick last november. and for more stories where you live, go to wusa9.com and find our community and keep up with what is happening in your neighborhood. if you have a story or news tip, we want to hear from you. contact us and be a part of the wusa 9 team. >>> metro has a suicide problem. last year 11 people killed themselves by leaping under the wheels of an approaching subway train. and that is twice as many as the year before. and if it looks like that is something that nobody can do anything about, well metro said we need to look closer. >> usually people plan. they will visit the site more than once. they will come and go for a number of weeks. and you see them. and our employees see them. >> reporter: metro's medical services manager said the evidence is on the videotape. suicide by subway is rarely a spur of the moment decision. >> statistically you can address it with someone who is
in germantown. >> it's fantastic, gives you a good feeling inside. we get a lot of responses from everybody from fire engines, police officers, to every day people who beep and are happy there's some kind of symbol and remembrance. >> in arlington, these buildings were a symbol. in montgomery county, this new fire station that was dedicated saturday, will be a lasting symbol. >> we always put life safety first. putting your life in harm's way is always the thing that comes to mind on this day. >> reporter: roses and a plaque were not enough to commemorate the 11 people from montgomery county who died at the pentagon. in rocksville, they also remembered through prayer. >> something that's happening in this nation, and we need to pray. we need to lift up our -- the leaders of this nation. and the people of this nation. so touching to see flowers laid here. >> many in our area who never forget where they were that day, remember in so many different ways. joseph ditmar remembers daily. >> when i see the picture of the plane going into the second building, the building i was in, knowing i was only tw
. not the case this morning. moving along nicely. germantown along i-270 southbound around the bend to 118. so far so good as we get under way. >> well, thank you, jerry. >> today voters will decide prince george's cnty executive. it is expected to be a highly competitive race. >> i have a proven record. i brought resource toss prince george's county. i have provided leadership of an agent that was almost extinct when walked in as sheriff. >> this is a great opportunity for prince george's county. if you look at where we're standing right here in largo, the opportunity to bring usinesses to prince george's county, and the han-on experience i have, working with our education system, it's an important election. >> levi, dean, and turnerre the other candidates in this primary. they're all trying to replace jack johnson, returning to private sector after eht years in office. >>> a possible rematch between o'malley and uhrlich. today th will face members of their own par. o'malley is expected to easily win the race today. and uhrlich will face murphy. u u uhrlich is favored to win the republican n
realtime conditions from our weather net network, 16 baltimore, 16 germantown, 31 peak gusts in baltimore. you get the idea that these are some strong gusts and that's why with the extremely dry conditions outside, the flame is an unwelcome foe right now and the temperatures are in the low 70s. cooling off rapidly in that cool northwest wind. the humidity just bone dry out there. it feels really nice, but we really could use a little more rain, a little more moisture. we think we may get that saturday night, at least in the form of passing showers. highs today were 15067 cooler than the 90s -- so much cooler than the 90s the last two days, upper 70s just about everywhere. low 80s in southern maryland. clouds across pennsylvania, these are actually lake effect clouds coming in on the cool northwest flow across the great lakes. enhanced clouds back into pennsylvania but the sunshine here in maryland, pa and especially pittsburgh has the gray skies. high pressure in control sending that cool north wind dawn our -- down our way and the warmest air bottled up down south now. the next boundary
- quarters of an inch. madison, half an inch. germantown, three-quarters of an inch. i think we will see three or 3.5 inches by the time this is over in some locations. showers are scattered across the region right now. especially vowel west. interstate 81 corridor, west virginia, moving south to north. locally we have areas of rain especially in parts of montgomery county and in anne arundel county. today, there's more rain to the south that will continue moving north. high temperatures in the mid to upper 70's. chance of severe storms later this afternoon. >>> it has been busy. there's an accident on the outer loop after connecticut avenue after the exit but before the on-ramp, only one lane getting through. there's a lot of activity around 202 on the baltimore washington parkway south bound there's an accident. northbound bw parkway, the first exit is 193 and that exit is closed. >>> 62 degrees and decided on this monday morning. 4:54. >>> 62 degrees and decided on this monday morning. 4:54. it's important to be prepared for dinner. that's why i've prepared my perdue perfect portions
of germantown doused his car with 12 gallons of gasoline and then ignited. it happened at an exxon station off of interstate 270. investigators aree have ruled ol accidental causes. >>> have you seen the billboard ú%der funding police and fire. >> police and fire are standing by city residents despite city haal turning their back on them. >> they're upset that the city has changed their pension plan, increasing the age of eligibility and age of service some retirees. >>> more than 1 yo 1,000 peopled sconsoon be out of the job. ú% the plan oves forward, up to 1200 hourly employees could be looking for work. the company says they haven'tt3 made any final decisions about layoffs just yet. ú%> coming uu on the early edition, sun flowers bllom here in maryland. -p>> i kind of beckon you with e softness. >> find out more about the crop that is cultivating a lot more than cash. >> reporter: and mild and averagg start this morning with 54 degrees heading out. partly cloudy skies, the clouds increaae 79 by noon. warming uu to 76 degrees and you could get a fully loaded, guaranteed-quality used car
in rockville, and one other victim was taken to shady grove emergency center in germantown. kris van cleave has a late reaction from one relieved family. braque's very relieved scared that is true. this is montgomery county's trauma center. in the worst of the injuries were brought here. so were a lot of kids. video of the kids sent family members are rushing into suburban hospital to check on their loved ones. eight of the 12 injured came here. >> we are glad they are all sacred >> late tonight, signs of relief. the youngest of the survivors hugging family and nurses before going home. we watched as four children left the hospital. these three kids are siblings, a nine year-old girl and two boys. >> thank go.d d. it could have been all whole lot worse. >> definitely relieved. they are sacred >> and the kids were of school today and had gone to the nationals here with at least one adult. the mother of the six year-old girl was taken to suburban hospital. >> haven't had the chance to talk to them? >> the kids did not remember a lot. >> the hospital also treated to a trauma patients, an elderly m
in hamilton, 91 in stafford. chesapeake beach, 88. 87 in germantown. on the way to the mid 90's. hurricane earl is a category 3 with maximum sustained winds of 125 miles an hour. the green is the water vapor. the orange and red are the dry air. dry air was getting wrapped into it, still little. that is one reason it got weaker overnight and early this morning. the higher wind cuts the hurricane apart. even with the uncertainty, the center of the storm is off the delmarva coastline. it could thus the outer banks of north carolina, which is fy there's a hurricane warning there. there's pretty good agreement that there should not be a direct landfall anywhere on the u.s. coastline. most computer models keep it well off the shore. just brush in the outer banks. what can we expect? if you are traveling to the beaches on thursday, friday, or the weekend, a dangerous storm conditions. the surf will be picked up friday and on the weekend. 50-75 m.p.h. arlen's offshore. the delmarva,, 45 or 50 miles an hour. wave heights of 25 deaths 30 feet at the center of the storm. 15-20 foot waves on the outer
senior living center in germantown. police say an 86-year-old woman was asleep in her bed when the man climbed through the window and assaulted her. just two months ago another woman was assaulted inside her ground floor apartment right across the street. police are not yet saying whether the two cases are related. >>> a woodbridge, virginia, man remains in jail after police say he took pictures of women's skirts at the potomac mills mall. police arrested 36-year-old mark lebel earlier this month the athe mall. officers say he used an electronic pen camera to look up women's skirts. >>> coming up on the broadcast, the vote today a"controversial immigration enforcement plan in virginia. >>> there's new video taken on the plane after two passengers were detained for possible links to terrorists. >>> first of its kind store got ready to open in southeast washington. >>> have you ever seen an animal like this? i'm john shriffen at the animal rescue league. coming up, i'll introduce you to watson, an amazing dog that's caught the attention of the d.c. police chief. >>> coming up in sports,
on the top side approaching and passing 109 and delays in germantown. outer loop below speed from 95 to georgia avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> an american woman held in iran prison for more than a year speaks out about her ordeal. sharia shourd's comments come as the president arrives in new york for the u.j. general assembly. she was charged with spying and two other americans, her fiance and friend. they say they mistakenly crossed the board when hiking in 2009. and while shourd said she is happy for her freedom, she does not feel completely free. >> i stand before you today only one-third free. that was the last thing that josh said to me before i walked through the prison doors. we committed no crime and we are not spies. >> she did not say anything too controversial on sunday. the other two do remain behind bars. their mothers have requested a meeting with ahmadinejad to ask for the release of their son. ahmadinejad is in new york right now nor the u.j. general assembly. he is speaking out about the nuclear program. stacy cohan is following that angle
after 10:00 tonight on moon ridge drive in germantown. the scene unfolding right now. montgomery county police believe as many as four people may be involved. the victim's hospitalized, but his condition is unknown. we have a crew headed to scene and will bring you details as they come into our newsroom. >>> another big story tonight, campaign trickery or just misunderstandings? the race for the ward 5 d.c. council seat just got a little spicey with one candidate accusing the other of stealing his campaign signs from a supporter's private property. fox 5's bob barnard is here now with what's going on. >> was it a crime caught on camera or a candidate being set up by her opponent and one of his supporters? angry accusations flying tonight between incumbent harry thomas and challenger kathy henderson. you decide. one of the newer small businesses in the district's ward 5 capital city diner on bladensburg road northeast is now at the center of a brewing political scandal captured for all to see by the restaurant's surveillance camera. these are images of kerry henderson running as an indep
with violating gun laws. 17-year-old son was on a rampage in a southwest -- southeast germantown. he killed 15 people before killing himself. he used the gun that was stored in his father's bedroom unlocked. >> this was the first time that the victim's parents get to see the attacker's father. it was a painful, but significant experience. >> there are many questions. we lost someone special. it is important to see the father. that has not happened before. i am sorry about that. >> he kept his gun uncovered near his bedside. instead, walking away. a mistake that prosecutors say it cost the lives of 15 people. >> they accuse the father of 15 cases of manslaughter, 13 cases of grievous bodily harm. >> his lawyer argues that he should walk free. he read out a statement from the father describing him as a broken and suicidal man under psychological treatment. >> my client has already been punished enough. he lost his own son. he had to give up everything that meant something to him, even his own identity. >> the family of the teenage gunman is now living under another name. the court expects to hea
. 270 slow in hyattstown and through germantown. nothing stopped in the roadway. then beyond that we got more slow traffic getting past the interchange of rockville. let's see hows the as you approach the beltway. no accidents on 270. just a lot of traffic. 95 jammed up making the trip from dale city to if wenged go to the springfield camera. the traffic at the beltway going to be jammed up toward landmark on 395. all lanes open on 395 getting to that point. 66 slow at manassas and centerville. back to you guys. we'll be right back with more on good morning, washington right after this. mmmmm... ( crash ) ♪ mmmmm... ( crash ) ♪ mmmmm... ( crash ) when you add velveeta to spicy rotel tomatoes and green chiles, you've got a queso so good, it'll blow 'em away. mmmmm... ( crash ) - ha ha ha! - woo! - dang! velveeta & rotel. man, that's good! >> at 6:55. one quick last look at weather and traffic. >> a traffic situation we've been dealing with in district heights, what's the latest with that? >> a stretch of marlboro pike still shut down between brooks drive and silver hill road. route fo
, southbound direction, 118. heavy from 109 down to the tru scales and back up to the speed limit. germantown, it is heavy. off and on the bridge from this point to the capitol beltway itself. trip along 395 northbound, jammed up early. after that point, clear shot two and from. >>> new today, some good news for northern virginia drivers. at 7:00 this evening, the virginia department of transportation will open northbound lanes of fairfax county extension. a ribbon cutting for the final link was helmonday. >> a check of our top stories this morning. >>> peruvian news agency reports the mother of missing teen natalee holloway met with joran van der sloot in prison. she got access through a dutch journalist. he is in prison accused of killing another woman, 21-year-old stephanie flores. he is the main suspect in natalee holloway's 2001 disappearance in aruba but was never charged. >>> a victim shot in hyattsville in the park at 2600 block of nicholsonstreet. police have not releaseded his name, nor have they said what led to that shooting. >>> and the chain bridge will ose at 8:00 tonight so cr
are filling out early. a good amount of volume around germantown road an then we will see more delays than usual given that heavy rain that we will be seeing throughout all morning. let's take you over to the maps again. chevy chase. this is another problem spot. a water main break. crews on the scene and willard avenue is closed between north park avenue and river road. you want to avoid the area. 66 filling out between 234 and 28. and then approaching route 50 and that is just volume. over to you. >> angie, thank you. we want to head out to a couple of crews in the field. they are giving you a closeup look at what you will experience if you leave in the next hour or so. kristin fish is live from leesburg, virginia. they are probably not thinking drought this time, are they, kristin? >> absolutely not. check out this incredibly spooky bridge i'm standing on. it is absolutely creepy out here. the things we do to bring you all the news. i'm telling you. we have been here all morning long. the rain is continuing to come down in a steady rate and right now this is the bridge at the goose cree
. 270 southbound. switch the camera over and show you head lights. building in volume from germantown road to 370. 3 t 85, your delay is here stretching from duke to seminary and getting word there is an accident heading northbound at 1100 taking away the lane. >>> we are following the latest developments this the discovery building standoff. it's over, but there's still a lot going on. there's a lot of police activity in downtown silver spring. several police forces are combing for any extra evidence. we're learning more about the suspect, james lee, in particular, his bizarre environmental manifesto. and police are talking to the three hostages trying to get anymore information. joining us for the latest on the investigation is chief tom major with the montgomery county police department. thanks for joining us. obviously, teams have been sweeping the building, looks for explosive devices. is the build all clear at this point orb are there still people inside working. >> we have folks still inside working. it is a methodical time consumer prices to render the devices we knew to be th
starting to fill out around germantown road an seeing a good amount of congestion starting to build from this point to 370. that delay is on the way. and finally let's take a glance at route 4, route 5 and 301. just the usual volume. andrea, back to you. >>> thank you, angie. >>> a new poll reveals voters are ready to shift the balance of power in washington. according to the politico gw battleground survey, more americans believe a republican led congress would do better job creating jobs than president obama although they blame republicans for the current mess they are calling on michelle obama and bill clinton to try to improve chances on election day which is five weeks from today. the democrats are trying to repeat the surge in young voters which helped president obama win two years ago. a group of officials will attend moving america forward rallies across the country. in our area, health and human services secretary will headline a rally at the university of maryland samuel rigs alumni center. it starts at 6:00 p.m. the white house chief of staff could announce his plans to leave
to join the army, and a small group of friends wave flags and remember at an intersection in germantown. they did it every year since 2001. >> it's fantastic. it gives you a good feeling inside. we give you a lot of responses from everybody from fire engines to police officers to everyday people that are happy there's some kind of symbol and remembrance. >> in montgomery county, this firestation will be a lasting symbol. >> we always put life safety first. so putting your life in harm's way is always the thing that comes to mind on this day. >> roses and a plaque were not enough to commemorate the 11 people from montgomery county who mild. in rockville, they also remembered through prayer. >> it's something that's happening to this nation and we need to pray. we need to lift up the leaders of this nation and the people of this nation. >> many in our area who never forget where they were that day remembered in so many different ways. joseph ditmar remembers daily. >> the building that i was in, knowing that i was only two or three stories below where that plane went into the building. i'
southbound out of germantown being all of the lanes are open. no problems to report working your way south of 118 and continuing down to mva and beyond. the crew in sky fox is checking out your ride over in college park. overnight roadwork on northbound i-95 at # 1 #. that has cleared. ably itself open and looking pretty good as travel between 295, route one and i-95 in maryland. we'll take that back inside and update your ride. no trouble spots to report along this stretch. the nice, easy commute as you guys continue northbound up towards duke street. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> questions continue to swirl this morning about the death of a man in frederick, mearlgd. police there called to a hem on south market street three times to break up a fight between a man and woman. -- in frederick, maryland. police say oliver cohen fired a shot as officers were talking to him so one officer fired. it is not clear whether cohen actually killed himself. >> the gunshot was heard by the officers responding and at this point, everything of that nature is still under investigation
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